Cryptotwitter Roundup 02/08/2019

A Lightning Network En-Dorsey-ment

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey supports Bitcoin Lightning network on Twitter, and goes crazy replying to people on CryptoTwitter.

Vitalik Buterin recommends more people use smart contracts for ‘per second’ recurring payments for subscription services.

Benjamin Roberts is excited at the potential of Ethereum, MakerDAO, and Augur interoperation.

Ethereum Cat Herders poll, should ProgPOW should be implemented?

Balaji Srinivasan on how blockchain is an anti-monopoly technology.

Tuur Demeester uses Ameen Soleimani’s Eth 2.0 report as ammo.

Ryan Sean Adams showing that EF grants grow projects more than ICOs.

Jorge Izquierdo of Aragon points out how third-parties can build their own platform off of others smart contracts.

Microsoft Blockchain shows off Ethereum logic apps on Azure.

Eric Conner on the stereotypical dynamics of a bull run.

Anthony Sassano on why shitcoins have such a diehard following.

Chris Burniske praises adoption of ZeppelinOS and OpenZeppelin Dev Kit.

UniSwap exchange seeing consistent growth despite bear market.

Gitcoin bot implemented in CryptoDevs Discord server.

Evan Van Ness is confident in Eth 2.0 teams and their funding.

Spencer Noon on the contradiction of Bitcoiners rejecting centralized authority, but praising Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his endorsement.  

Matt Odell shoots down the ‘Bitcoin is bad for the environment!’ narrative.

Joseph Poon points out invalid math in CNBC reporting on Bitcoin.

zCash founder Zooko does thought experiment on market caps.

Brad Garlinghouse doesn’t condemn XRP army shilling at TC Disrupt.

Mike Dudas on the disconnect between actual development and mainstream media reporting.

Yassine Elmandjra with a retrospective on the Bitcoin subreddit’s growth.

Parity CEO Jutta Steiner walks the walk and deletes her Facebook page.