CryptoTwitter Roundup 06/04/2019

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet...and then spent $4.5 Mil on lunch with Warren Buffett?!

Felix Fang with a thread on storing your assets on the blockchain.

Scott Lewis asks ‘what are all the active DAOs in the world?

Anthony Pompliano asks for the best crypto memes and gifs.

Kyle Samani: ‘biggest UX problems in crypto is private key mgmt.

Balaji Srinivasan hypothesizes a crypto-based Twitter with staking.

Nathaniel Whittemore - Long Reads Sunday #49.

Larry Cermak reports that Binance will start geo-blocking 29 countries including the USA.

Whale Panda polls: ‘Most Trustworthy Crypto Media Outlet?

James Hancock announces that this week there will be a daily AMA on the allcoredevs Gitter on Different Clusters proposed for the Istanbul Hardfork.

Nick Johnson & Vitalik Buterin with a great Ethereum metaphor.

Ryan Sean Adams celebrates 183k new ‘bank accounts’ being created on Ethereum in one day.

Erik Voorhees on Bitcoin: ‘No banks. No borders. No bailouts.’

UniSwap reports there’s over $150,000 in the cDAI/ETH Pool.

Nathaniel Whittemore reacts to Apple’s privacy announcements.

Richard Burton mocks Multicoin Capital’s recent failures.

Jesse Walden of a16z shares dump of interesting crypto governance ideas.

Vitalik Buterin outlines specifics of the ETH 1.x migration to Eth 2.0.

Matteo Leibowitz reflections on DutchX and price slippage.

Anthony Pompliano mocks banks trying to establish their own Bitcoin called the Utility Settlement Coin (USC).

Jameson Lopp asks for CryptoTwitter to describe Bitcoin in a single tweet.

Paul Berg announces Sablier, a decentralised app for continuous payments.

Justin Sun announces that he has won the bid for a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. Says he will invite other blockchain industry leaders.

The Crypto Dog asks: ‘What is an underrated crypto project?

Tuur Demeester asks: ‘How is Ethereum 2.0's "Beacon Chain" different from a sidechain?’

XRPLedger Decentralization - 2 validators have been added to the UNL.

Evan Van Ness asks for the ‘three parts of your Ethereum developer experience that could be most improved?’

Kevin Owocki praises the high production quality of Block.One’s conference.

Bully asks: ‘What’s it going to take for normal people to use crypto?’