CryptoTwitter Roundup 09/10/2019

Hashrates and Futures and Epochs...oh my!

Micah White, creator of Occupy Wall Street, took 30 days to learn Solidity.

Bakkt announces that the Bakkt Warehouse is active for futures.

BullyEsq: ‘If you think bitcoin is going to somehow destroy banks you’re out of your fucking mind.

Joseph Delong shares photo from the Ethereum 2.0 Interop Lock-in.

Antiprosynthesis: Bitcoin is one of the most important breakthroughs of this century, much like the steam machine, vacuum, and telephone before it.

Hasu: ‘I stopped saying "dApps" a few months ago because none of them are actually decentralized.

Jacob Horne: ‘Cards are to crypto what mailing DVDs were to Netflix in the early days—a necessary distribution play to bridge between the known future that isn't quite here yet.

Set Protocol's total ETH locked blew up +382% Sunday morning.

Rhythmtrader:Bitcoin's hashrate is now 8 times larger than it was during price's all-time high of $20,000 in 2017.

James Prestwich: ‘I write fewer tests & less scaffolding for Ethereum tools than I do for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin code is an investment in the long future, while the Ethereum code is likely to be thrown away in a couple years.

Nathaniel Whittemore - Long Reads Sunday #63. 

For his 35th birthday, he crowdsourced a list of 35 things people wish they had known before going down the bitcoin/crypto rabbit hole.

Jonny Rhea posts screenshot of PegaSys’Artemis (soon to be renamed beaucoup) and SigmaPrime’s Lighthouse communicating with each other.

TrueProfile, a global digital platform for the verification of professional docs, launched an integration with uPort for portable employment credentials. 

Twitter avatar for @uport_meuPort @uport_me
Portable employment credentials are here! 💼👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏽‍💼 (@trueprofile_io), a global digital platform for the verification of professional docs, launches an integration with @uport_me. Members can now use uPort to store #trueproofs! 🚀

Paul Hauner shares screenshot of Lighthouse and Nimbus finalizing an Eth2 epoch: the first instance of finality on a multi-client Eth2 testnet.

Peter Pan: ‘Imagine if every DApp dev/maker/team in Ethereum coordinated together to learn from each other and accelerate the shared progress of building valuable DApps.

Meltem Demirors describes conversation with investor where they think Binance will be the one exchange to rule them all.

Emin Gün Sirer: ‘Over the years, I heard a few academics refer to their "billionaire friend" who was into Bitcoin. I wonder how many of them were referring to Epstein.

RhythmTrader celebrates some Bitcoin accomplishments. Then asks why occupy wall street when you can replace it. 

Jesse Walden thinks legal wrappers for DAOs will be a distribution hack. Mentions OpenLaw’s LAO

Evan Van Ness posts poll: ‘What is the best store of value in crypto?

María Paula announces that ETHBerlin will be curating Devcon5’s art hallway.

Jameson Lopp asks ‘Why are crypto airdrops still a thing?