CryptoTwitter Roundup 09/13/2019

Interoperability Intensifies

Chris Burniske: ‘Anything that might displace $ETH is unlikely to start out looking like an Ethereum competitor.

Anthony Sassano shares doc tracking progress of the Eth 2.0 interop lock-in.

FOAM shares video demo of a Decentralized Restaurant Review Thread on FOAM Map built on 3box during EthBoston

Péter Szilágyi throws shade at Bob Summerwill for claiming that the beef between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic has dissolved. 

Chainlink announces the upcoming launch of 7 new crypto price reference data sets on Ethereum that use their decentralized oracle networks.

Martin Köppelmann: ‘We are ready for the first wave of beta users for our first prediction market product, Sight.

Ryan Sean Adams on Ethereum synthetics and what it means for ETH value.

Kain Warwick: ‘The only defensible aspect of a crypto protocol is it’s monetary premium.

Meltem Demirors replies to long list of countries that are currently easing with: ‘Bitcoin: not easing, fixed schedule’.

Simon de la Rouviere on Warner investing in Dapper Labs, pointing to artist tipping as a use case: ‘Feels like a stuck record. Trying to tip musicians online has been around since 2014 (if not earlier).

Ryan Sean Adams: ‘It takes 10,000 hobbyists to change the world. 10,000 DeFi hobbyists are now giving us a bankless money system.

Eric Conner: ‘I went to do a "State of the Ethereum killers" tweet but I literally can't even find information on most of them.

Anthony Pompliano: ‘If you build things people want, you can always find a way to make money doing it.

Balaji S. Srinivasan: Interest is shaping up to be the killer app for DeFi. Easy to understand, lower volatility risk due to use of stablecoins, and significantly higher than normal bank rates.

RhythmTrader: ‘Bitcoin is a game of musical chairs with the lights turned off. No one knows who else may be playing.

Kyle Samani with a thread on some of his favorite submissions to ETHBoston.

Preston Van Loon shares screenshot of an ETH2 client 5-way: Artemis, Lighthouse, Nimbus, Trinity, and Prysm.

Eric Wall concludes his Ethereum Full Node syncing diary with the song from Portal

Hayden Adams:Making a decentralized, scalable L1 is insanely difficult. Making a decentralized, scalable L2 is moderately difficult.

Chris Burniske: ‘BTC's a consensus long, ETH's a contentious long.

Matteo Leibowitz shares a chart of daily active transactions for CryptoKitties with the caption: ‘The obvious solution here is higher throughput’.

Anthony Pompliano: ‘Automated Finance will be much bigger and more important than Decentralized Finance.