CryptoTwitter Roundup 10/01/2019

EOS Gets A Slap On The Wrist...

Nic Carter: β€˜My mind is blown by this news. The SEC looked into all the gory details and decided to settle for 60 bips of the raise. WTF.’

Jake Chervinsky shares screenshots of first the Crypto Rating Council claiming EOS had an absence of marketing, and then direct phrasing from the EOS whitepaper focusing on marketing.

Erik Voorhees: β€˜Sad to see many in the crypto world upset that Block.One wasn't fined even more by the SEC. They had $24m taken from them. Some of y'all are more like Elizabeth Warren than Satoshi Nakamoto.’

TheCryptoDog shares chart of $24M $EOS SEC fine vs. the original $4.1B raise.

Anthony Sassano shares an image of β€˜The Crypto Ratings Council (2019, colorized)’ that is just the Council of Ricks from Rick & Morty.

Roger Ver shares cringey video of paying for a meal with Bitcoin Cash.

Kevin Owocki shares hypothetical mockup of EthereumOS.

Jameson Lopp: β€˜If you find yourself worrying about whether or not your favorite crypto asset might be classified as a security, you've already lost.’

Cameron Winklevoss: β€˜The immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain cannot be underestimated. If truth cannot be undone, then the present cannot be used to control the past, and the past to control the future.’

Erik Voorhees: β€˜When I speak supportively of ETH, the BTC maximalists hate me.  When I speak supportively of EOS, the ETH and BTC maximalists hate me. Soon, when I speak supportively of Cosmos, I predict all three groups will find me quite distasteful.’

Devcon shares some beautiful designs and wallpapers created for the event.

Ameen Soleimani apologizes to Glen Weyl after making borderline anti semitic remarks.

Ameen also shares some other reflections on religion.

David Hoffman: β€˜The only legitimate reason to be upset by Ameen is if you do not like abrasiveness. Ameen has produced more for Ethereum than 99% of all projects and teams combined, uncompensated.’

Vitalik Buterin: β€˜I don't think the Ethereum community should decide to ostracize traditional religion.’

RhythmTrader shares list of pullbacks during previous Bitcoin bull runs.

RhythmTrader also thinks investors are starting to realize quantitative easing, negative interest rates, fractional reserves, & inflation are the experiments, not bitcoin.

CryptoCobain shares two screenshots suggesting that Forever 21 went bankrupt due to not accepting Bitcoin payments.

Nathaniel Whittemore - Long Reads Sunday #66.

Twitter avatar for @nlwNathaniel Whittemore @nlw
Long Reads Sunday #66. It was *SUPPOSED* to be a great week. @Bakkt futures launching,
Binance.US cranking...and a 20%+ price dip? On the upside, for some reason crappy prices tend to bring the best content - so buckle TF up it's Long Reads time! πŸ‘‡1Image

Mariano Conti: β€˜The spell is being cast at this very moment, and the MakerDAOStability Fee will be lowered to 10.5%’

LocalEthereum shares image of Ethereum as the value layer of the internet.

A Bitcoin block was mined 119 minutes after its parent, which has only happened 10 times, last being in 2014.

Jesse Walden: β€˜Ethereum miners are hodling more ETH.’

Martin KΓΆppelmann shares chart demonstrating death of Fair.Win.

Matt Solomon announces Floatify. β€˜Floatify makes it easy to earn 5-10% interest on Compound Finance from the USD in your bank.’