CryptoTwitter Roundup 10/16/2019

Andrew Kang shares a video of a small Filecoin mining operation run by a quant trading firm in ChengDu, China.

Image comparing administrators and maintainers of Silk Road’s prison sentences to Ross Ulbricht’s, highlighting injustice. 

Crypto Dog shares a funny image of the SEC on its way to shut down ICOs.

Nathaniel Whittemore - Long Reads Sunday #68.

Libra’s David Marcus: ‘Special thanks to Visa & Mastercard for sticking it out until the 11th hour.’ 

Anthony Pompliano announces that his interview with Spencer Dinwiddie of Brooklyn Nets drops tomorrow for paying members of Off The Chain.

Ali Yahya asks ‘what are the most important open questions in crypto?

StarkWare is partnering with DeversiFi to bring the first STARK-powered exchange to live users on mainnet by Jan 2020.

MyCrypto: ‘Total value of ETH locked into DeFi  reached an ATH of 3M!

Pete Rizzo: ‘Just under 5 years ago, it was possible to email 2 people (Vitalik Buterin and Stephan Tual) to "get up to speed" on Ethereum.

Leon Pedretti: ‘2020 will be the biggest year for Ethereum since inception.

Anthony Pompliano: ‘The word “Satoshi” is now in the dictionary. Haters will say it’s photoshopped.

Bitcoin is like a real piece of antique furniture. Libra is more like Restoration Hardware”, Anthony Pompliano on CNBCSquawkBox

Chainlink is hosting its first virtual hackathon with over $60k in bounties.

Nick Szabo hates on Vlad Zamfir.

Jameson Lopp posts funny photo of Tone Vays sitting next to Craig Wright on a panel wearing a ‘We are all Satoshi (except Craig Wright)’ shirt.

Misir Mahmudov: ‘Time is the only thing that you cannot buy, save up, borrow or take a loan on. The only thing that comes close to time is Bitcoin.

Richard Raizes:Unpopular Prediction: If Ethereum 2.0 works as expected, Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin as the #1 crypto by 2025.’

Cyrus Younessi with a tweetstorm on new features in multi-collateral Dai.

Kevin Owocki tweets slides of DevconV talk, ‘Future History of the Open Internet’.

Lane Rettig tweetstorms takeaways from a panel with Vitalik Buterin, Jihan Wu, Fred Ehsram, & Haseeb Qureshi at Dragonfly Crypto Summit.